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Spice Tour

On this guided tour you will discover spice plants, herbs, and all kinds tropical fruits on a spice plantation and buy spices to take home with you. You will learn why Zanzibar is known as Spice Island. Also you will get opportunity to test local Swahili food prepared by Swahili chefs.


Zanzibar Archipelago become the most visited island at the beginning of 15 century when the world be established the silk route until to date, Its remain one of the spice producers under the sun. To discover in knowledge yourself in the world of spicy to learn and see the reality of the tropical spice tree and their uses locally and internationally without loosing their value as remedy for various diseases, local treats themselves as medicine.


We are glad to show you how local climb the tall coconut tree to collect the real and fresh Zanzibar dafu (coconut)finally the local assistant guider will porcelain you as king and queen of spice by crowing coconut planted leaves crowns.

Surely you will not regret to have the great of the Zanzibar food because our local Zanzibari chef is ready to prepare you the taste food to enjoy your holiday and leave behind the really memory of our food. The Zanzibari Swahili food is better if not the best Eastern Africa traditional food because of its mixing of African and Asian dishes.

because of its mixing of African and Asian dishes.

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