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Prison Island Tour

The well known inhabited island. It is one of several Zanzibar small island that form the Archipelago of Zanzibar. The trip to this island is nothing to be missed to in order to spend some time exploring the area and discover the collection of over 50 tortoises that live inside the island, some of which are more than 100 years old. The second oldest tortoise in the world is found here in this beautiful island.


The willingly guides are ready to annotate all this while taking you to the former prison or quarantine place to see and feed to the giant land tortoises.  The island has splendid small beach to enjoy and swim in the turquoise Indian Ocean.  Platter might be also served here.


Once you have explored the island, enjoy the opportunity to cool off from the hot weather with a refreshing dip in the surrounding crystal clear waters, spend some time snorkeling in the water just off the island and discover colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral reef.


If you are interested in the Prison Island Tour we would like to invite you to book this tour with us. Our Prison Island Tour Zanzibar has been very popular since we started organizing it. This is because apart from being an enticing tour for different tourists, it is also a very affordable one.

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